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Immerse yourself in the growing community of Prosper, Texas. Known for its small-town charm blended with upscale living, Prosper is an emerging gem in the Texas real estate market. With a commitment to community, safety, and a flourishing economy, Prosper is an ideal location for families, professionals, and investors alike.



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Your perfect home awaits in the heart of Prosper. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, Prosper offers a diverse range of properties set in a community-focused and serene environment. Let Mister Frisco guide you to your dream home in this delightful Texas town.

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Ready to move on from your Prosper home? Mister Frisco is your expert in the Prosper real estate market, ensuring a smooth and profitable selling experience. From accurate market analysis to effective marketing strategies, we’re here to maximize your home’s potential.

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Centrally located in Prosper, our office is ideally positioned to serve residents with easy access to the town’s many amenities. Prosper is known for its blend of urban and rural charms, offering top-notch schools, luxury shopping experiences, gourmet dining, and beautiful green spaces. The town’s dynamic growth and vibrant community make it an exceptional place for upscale living.


Prosper is renowned for its luxurious homes and a robust real estate market. The town caters to those seeking upscale living, with a range of housing options from grand estates to modern developments. With a stable economy and an emphasis on quality of life, Prosper is a top destination for discerning homeowners.

Prosper is celebrated for its outstanding amenities, cultural richness, and recreational opportunities, complemented by some of the best educational institutions and healthcare facilities in the region. With a focus on maintaining high standards of living and infrastructure, Prosper offers a unique blend of comfort, luxury, and community spirit.

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Real Estate Statistics for Prosper

Average Price

The median sale price of homes in Prosper was approximately $813,000 as of the latest data​​.

Lowest Price

The lower end of the Prosper housing market starts at around $180,000, offering entry-level options for various budgets​​.

Highest Price

On the higher end, Prosper's real estate market features luxury properties, with the most expensive listings going as high as $15.5 million, catering to those seeking premium living spaces and amenities​​.

Total Listings

The Prosper housing market is somewhat competitive, with homes receiving an average of 2 offers and typically selling in around 50 days. In a recent month, there were 60 homes sold​​.

Average Price/SQFT

The median sale price per square foot in Prosper is around $256, indicating the premium value of properties in the area​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prosper is known for its range of upscale homes, including luxury estates, spacious single-family homes, and contemporary developments. The market caters to those seeking premium and comfortable living spaces.

Absolutely! Prosper is a family-friendly community with a strong emphasis on education, safety, and quality of life. The town boasts excellent schools and plenty of recreational activities for families to enjoy.

Prosper residents enjoy a variety of amenities, including luxury shopping centers, gourmet dining options, green spaces, and cultural events. The town provides a balance of urban conveniences and serene living.

Prosper enjoys a convenient location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, offering residents easy access to major urban centers while maintaining a sense of small-town tranquility.

Prosper stands out for its upscale living, spacious properties, commitment to community and education, and its blend of suburban and rural charms. It’s an ideal place for those seeking an elite lifestyle in a nurturing community.

Yes, Prosper is experiencing growth with new residential and commercial developments. These new developments are adding to the town’s appeal by offering modern and luxurious housing options.

Prosper is home to high-performing schools known for their academic excellence and wide range of educational programs, making it an attractive location for families prioritizing education.

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